Our Story

Having worked on dozens of agile cloud projects, our founder Sachin Deshpande, spotted a common set of challenges across all these projects:  Endless philosophical discussions about the right tooling choice, the right cloud tech option, and misguided attempts to be the best technology adopter by chasing cool buzzwords. The core focus of delivering business value was being lost. Companies were reinventing the wheel, applying subtly different patterns to solve the same problems.

It was time to challenge this status quo by introducing a standardised, efficient, and high-quality process, which would cut through all the buzzwords, unlock cloud adoption, and accelerate product development


After speaking with dozens of technology leaders, the writing was on the wall; engineering leaders needed:

  • a cohesive end-to-end developer process for cloud based applications, which would allow them to scale.
  • a collection of frameworks, patterns and ready-made pipelines that can accelerate the maturity of DevOps capabilities for smaller IT teams. 

In November 2018, Tech Amigos was born with the mission to go beyond the hype and buzzwords  and help customers truly deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps.

Early Growth

Starting just from our own professional network and past credibility, we grew exponentially in, to become a team of 5 amigos, 3 clients on the books and 150% year on year revenue increase.

This was the testament to the fact that we were on the right track. We were delivering customer value and enhancing pipeline performance for cloud projects. But we realised that there is more to do.


Leadership Bolstered

As the business grew, we were lucky to have two senior industry experts come on board: Roddy Herries and Alex Dutton, who shared the core vision and values of Tech Amigos.

Roddy had very rich experience in cloud strategy with deep technical expertise of designing and building high performance, low latency applications for financial institutions.

Alex had deep engineering experience of working on cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure and had delivered DevOps practices and cloud deployments in a range of organisational settings from startup to enterprise. 

With 3 senior leaders, Tech Amigos was ready for the next step in its journey.


Diego is Born

On our 3rd birthday in November 2021, we thought of  taking all the patterns and readymade pipelines that we had built over 3 years to the next level of automation. We envisioned a packaged version that can be just plugged into the customer’s environment to streamline their engineering process. 

Building software has often been compared to a factory floor; we wanted to give our customers a readymade, well-designed, efficient production line upon which they can manufacture their software.

After a period of stealth development, Diego was born in summer of 2022.

Diego is an end-to-end platform that helps engineers build, deploy and monitor their microservices in the cloud. The platform comes with a pre-configured set of open-source tools, implements GitOps and deploys workloads to Kubernetes. It’s highly opinionated, implements best practices and helps organisations increase their product development velocity without having to worry about pipelines, infrastructure and cloud setup.


Onwards and Upwards

Continuous learning and improvement is in our DNA and we want to constantly  improve our offering to align with the overall vision of making our clients’ development processes sleeker, easier and faster.

We are looking for early adopters who can use our product and benefit from all the research that’s gone into it, and funding to help us make a bigger impact on the development world.

Where does Diego come from?

Diego is inspired by the cartoon series Dora the Explorer, in which Diego is Dora’s best friend (amigo) 

Google has a published framework for assessing DevOps maturity for organisations and is expressed as DORA (DevOps Readiness Assessment) metric. Diego is DORA’s amigo that helps you increase your DORA score.

Let’s start exploring!