Automate code-to-cloud setup.

Ship software faster

Build with confidence on a well-architected cloud setup (ArgoCD,  Kubernetes, Prometheus)

Ready-to-use environments and pipelines – no config required

Saves months of DevOps work and slashes cycle times

Diego gives you everything you need to deploy secure, scalable, and resilient containerised applications – fast.

fast, safe, reliable

What is Diego?

You need to package and deploy software quickly. The business depends on it. But endless tooling and configuration choices can paralyse dev teams. Diego lets you jump right into the driver’s seat. Instead of choice paralysis, get a ready-to-go cloud setup based on years of DevOps expertise – covering everything from resource provisioning, CI/CD pipelines, to observability. And it’s all open-source and owned completely by you.


Diego Features

Diego comes with everything your startup or SME needs to succeed

Diego automates labour-intensive DevOps and helps developers build, deploy and monitor micro services. After we implement Diego in your cloud account, you’ll have the power of a seasoned cloud engineering team at your fingertips – without hiring any additional staff.


Create and manage cloud resources with infrastructure-as-code for faster containerised development.


Save months of setup: Hit the ground running with pre-deployed CI/CD tools and Kubernetes.


Automatically clone ephemeral environments, including services & databases on pull request.


Start with pre-defined pipelines that will cover most use cases. Scale & customise as you grow.


Empower software engineers to provision cloud resources, skipping the DevOps bottleneck.


See the full software dev value chain in one UI, consolidating Jira, Github, CI/CD & cloud.


What’s in it for you?


Build your applications on firm foundations: a well-architected, fully-automated, and highly secure cloud platform.

Hit the ground running with pre-configured Kubernetes deployment targets for cloud applications, with baked-in industry best practices.


Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to cloud design, Kubernetes, build, deploy pipelines and CI/CD processes.

We’ll deliver a set of pre-configured open-source tools, assembled together as a cohesive process that accelerates software development.

FULL VISIBILITY                                

Control cloud costs and monitor performance through a portal exposing key metrics across your toolchain and value stream.

Unlock observability, enable continuous improvement, and get proactive about resolving customer issues.

fast, safe, reliable

Here’s how we do it

   Day 1: Install Diego

We bootstrap your AWS account, install the required tooling and configure the code repositories for GitOps – all in less than a day.

  End of week 1: Get to production

We’ll collaborate with your developers and onboard your first app on your new cloud platform. This typically takes us less than 4 days.

  Weeks 2-4: Handoff 

We’ll empower your developers to own the platform, even without expert level knowledge of cloud. And we’ll be on-hand if you need us.


We bootstrap your cloud account with;

Well-designed OU structure
Required workload accounts
Secure access policies


We’ll install a pre-configured, curated set of tools required to automate the development process. The tools include ArgoCD, Kubernetes, Infrastructure controller based on Terraform, Grafana, Prometheus, Loci, Jaeger

Workload Targets

We’ll provision the necessary accounts to host your production and non-production workloads on Kubernetes, all built according to industry best practices.

CLI – Command line interface

We’ll provide a CLI interface for your developers to

  • create a pre-configured scaffold app for a specific technology
  • update any existing app to make it compatible with the platform


We’ll test your applications with you and ensure that it’s configured correctly on the platform.


We’ll demonstrate the end-to-end process all the way to production to give your team confidence.


Diego comes with detailed documentation that ensures a smooth transition from our team to your developers. Extensibility The platform is designed to be extensible, making it easy for you to add any bespoke additions.  Amigos at hand We can be at hand as needed until you get comfortable operating independently.

What our clients say about us

“Technical expertise provided by Tech Amigos has enabled us to move quickly, leveraging skill-sets that are almost impossible to hire in our geographic location”

Jamie Buchanan, CTO

“Tech Amigos delivered this project in the proposed time frame, with a level of customer service which is almost surprising in this day and age”

Patrick Carter, CTO

“Tech Amigos have built a culture, so you feel that you are working closely with people, not just the company – every amigo is competent that helps forming relationship and build trust”

Freddie Quek – CTO

 Stop configuring. Start shipping

Experience Diego for yourself – we’ll install it in your environment for FREE, and if it doesn’t

reduce your cycle time we’ll remove everything and put things back just as they were.